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Process for hosting tournaments:

If you're interested in hosting a live tournament that is not a Smogon Tour or Live Suspect Tour, please post an application in the Tournaments Application forum just as you would a normal tournament, the rules of which you can read about here. Do not post a thread in the Live Tournaments forum without first posting an application to do so.

Please include the date and time you wish to host your tournament in your application, and assuming we approve of your tournament, we will add it to the queue that will be posted here.

Prior to the date of your tournament being hosted, you as the host will post a thread informing the public of the kind of tournament you will host and the time. The thread will be immediately locked. When the time of your tournament comes, a single new thread will be posted for sign-ups, and the tournament will be conducted through this single thread.

Types of tournaments hosted here:

Your tournament should not take more than a few hours to run from start to finish. If you wish to run a double elimination tournament or other format such as swiss, you will need to keep the number of participants low. If you really want to run one of these kinds of tournaments well, you should post them through the normal forum-run tournaments of the main Tournaments forum.


Your tournament should be run on Smogtours, as it allows for possible moderation by the TDs should they be on, and there is significantly less lag present here than on Pokemon Showdown main.

The Tournaments channel on PS main does have a few cool features that may make hosting a tournament more appealing there; however, because of the factors listed above I would advise against doing so, unless the number of participants is low.

A guide to Smogtours can be read here.
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